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Financial Aid

The cost of higher education can create a financial burden on students on their families. There are many sources of aid available to students to cover these costs and reduce the burden. As veterans, you are eligible for financial aid that have been created specifically for veterans. This includes your VA Educational Benefits, grants, and scholarships that are exclusively for veterans. You are also eligible for aid that is not specific to veterans, such as the FAFSA, and other grants and scholarships not specific to veterans.

Financial Aid for Veterans & Dependents

The Community for Accredited Online Schools has compiled a list of financial aid available to veterans and their families. The list includes information on grants, scholarships, and VA Benefits. This guide is a valuable resource for finding financial aid to help with the costs of higher education.

VA Educational Benefits

Check out our Benefits page for more information on the VA Educational Benefits that are available for veterans and their dependents.

WVU Financial Aid

WVU offers many grants and scholarships to students. The types of aid include:


Filling out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) can give a student access to grants and aid to help with education costs.

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