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Continuing to expand on West Virginia Green Zone (WVGZ) training, our staff has introduced a video sponsored by Wounded Warrior Project in collaboration with the PsycArmor Institute, titled 

15 Things Veterans Want You to Know

We are passionate about educating faculty, staff and students at West Virginia University on how to best work with our veteran population.  During the presentation, we like to have open and honest discussions by expanding on the 15 topics discussed in the video.  Topics range from the branches of service, jobs in the military, mental health concerns and most importantly how to relate with student veterans.  We are hopeful that after the training, staff and faculty will gain insight about military life and the sacrifices military members and their families make.   

If you are a student veteran: and would like to participate in our conversation sessions, please contact our office. Participating requires no training or prep work. The benefits include the following: 

  • You will be building personal connections with other members of the WVU Community
  • You will be giving a voice to the concerns of student veterans on campus
  • You will be helping make WVU a better, more welcoming place, for future student veterans
If you are faculty or staff: we need you to attend our conversation sessions. The sessions are designed for you to learn about the following:
  • Academic policies that affect student veterans
  • Student-veteran strengths
  • Student-veteran challenges
  • What it means to be "veteran friendly"

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