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General Guidelines

Academic Progress

Department of Veterans Affairs regulations require that all persons using any type of veteran educational assistance programs is making satisfactory academic progress toward achievement of their educational objective (degree plan) as defined in the WVU catalog. A student who fails to meet the minimum standards will be placed on probation or suspension. If satisfactory academic progress has not been demonstrated, veteran educational benefits will be terminated until such progress can be demonstrated. Benefits may be resumed when the veteran student raises his/her cumulative grade point average (GPA) to the required minimum standards or demonstrates the ability to meet these standards.

Changes in Student Status

It is the responsibility of every student at WVU who is using VA educational benefits to notify a VA certifying official in the WVU Financial Aid office regarding any change in enrollment, address, degree plan, enrollment at another institution, or any other change that may impact his/her veteran educational benefits. Failure to report such changes can result in an overpayment requiring debt collection action from WVU or the VA. In most cases, when a debt is assessed against the institution, WVU has to send money back to the Department of Veteran Affairs. This will result in a debt being assessed to the veteran. If you are currently in receipt of a debt letter from WVU, you should contact Jessica Stockett in the Office of Student Accounts at in a timely manner to avoid the debt being sent to Collections. If the debt letter is from the Department of Veteran Affairs, you should call 1-888-GIBILL-1.

Credit for Prior Training

All new veteran students who are using VA educational benefits and any students using VA educational benefits who have transferred from another institution are required to request and have evaluated all prior college and university credit received prior to, during and after military service. This is to ensure that the VA does not pay for coursework twice and that students receive the most from their benefits.

Note: You have up to two semesters to complete the Prior Credit form. Instructions for completing the Prior Credit form can be found at Failure to complete a Prior Credit form in the prescribed time period will cause a delay in benefits.

Military Leave Policy

The Undergraduate Catalog states: Students entering the armed services of the United States may be granted full refund of refundable fees (but no course credit) if the call comes before the end of the first three-fourths of the semester. If the call comes after that, full credit for courses may be granted if the student has passing grades at the time of departure.”

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