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West Virginia University offers many specific programs and opportunities for the veteran who chooses to enroll on our campus. These have been established and continue to be enhanced in recognition of the contributions that veterans have made in service to our country and that they continue to make as members of the WVU Mountaineer family.

Military to Mountaineer Mentor Program

The purpose of the Military to Mountaineer Mentor Program is to create proactive services and transitional support so that the responsibility for a successful transition need not fall upon the returning individual alone. Student veterans frequently seek contacts with other veterans as a way to validate their experiences and aid in the successful transition to college. Learn more.

Veteran Success Program

The West Virginia University Veteran Success Program is designed for veterans who are on academic probation but are not suspendable based on GPA. This program helps students achieve a GPA of 2.0 or above so they can be transferred to their department of choice and subsequently graduate from WVU! Falling behind happens. Doing something about it takes effort. We are here to assist you and hope you will make full use of our services. Learn more.

Adventure WV Veterans

Since 2010, Adventure has been serving WVU’s student veteran community through outdoor and adventure based programs. The activities and programs vary, but the goal is to offer fun, engaging opportunities that promote connection with fellow veterans and other members of the WVU community. Almost all programs offered to veterans are free or heavily subsidized by generous donors. WVU has a commitment to helping our veteran students succeed.

Stay Connected with WVU Veterans