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Awarding Course Credit to Students Called to Serve in the Military

(Updated July 28, 2010)

The 2013-2014 Undergraduate Catalog states: “Student entering the armed services of the United States may be granted full refund of refundable fees (but no course credit) if the call comes before the end of the first three-fourths of the semester. If call comes after that, full credit for courses may be granted if the student has passing grades at the time of departure.” WVU will operationalize this policy as follows

1. Students who withdraw from the University for Military Service up to and including the 12th week of the semester will receive a full refund of their fees and be administratively withdrawn from their classes. No course grades or credit will be awarded.

2. Students who leave the University for Military Service after the 12th week of the semester should work with the designated contact person in their home college (usually the academic associate/assistant dean). The student may also contact the Registration Unit of the Office of the Registrar (304-293-2121). The contact person will assist the student in reviewing the student’s eligibility for credit for their courses on a course-by-course basis with instructors.

3. The contact person will work with the student’s instructors to gather grade information for the student. If the course is not in the student’s home college, the contact person can work with his/her counterpart in the appropriate college. Several outcomes are possible:

Students who receive orders with sufficient advance notice are expected to notify their professors of their upcoming deployment date and meet with their professors to come to agreement on what regular course assignments they can reasonably complete prior to the deployment date (details of this arrangement should be indicated in a contract initialed by both the instructor and the student; contracts must be placed in the students file). Students should not be penalized for not completing assignments, quizzes, tests, or exams due after their deployment date.

EAD/sr updated July 28, 2010

Returning from Deployment or Active Duty

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