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Courses for Vets

West Virginia University offers 193 degree programs. Also included are special Veteran only courses with your needs and past military experiences in mind. With limited seating early registration is recommended.

Service-Learning 495 Independent Study

service-learning enhances learning through action. It provides students with concrete opportunities to use newly acquired skills and knowledge in real-life situations in their communities. This experience instills the value of service in the lives of students by developing a commitment to making a difference in the community. This is a Veteran Friendly course with an option of 1-6 credit hours and is available to take in the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters. For more information, you can view the Center for Civic Engagement website at

Email for permission to register.

WVUE293C Veteran Transition

It is critical that veteran students are given all the information and tools they need to make a successful transition into college life. This course is designed to be a bridge between veteran students and the university community. It can be taken in place of WVUe 191 and is only offered in the Fall semester.

Email for permission to register.

SPA 270 Effective Public Speaking

This course is designed to help veterans improve their communication skills in a small classroom environment among others who share similar experiences.Students must register for both SPA 270 Lecture and for SPA 270 Lab.This course is only offered in the Fall semester and fulfills either GEC 4 or GEC 6 requirements. This course will help students:

E-mail for permission to register.


This course is designed with student veterans in mind. However, registration is open to non-veterans as well as non-engineering majors. If you need upper level math and did not make a high enough score on the Quantitative Reasoning Test (QRA), you will have an opportunity to improve your understanding of algebra and trigonometry and prepare for upper-level calculus courses. This is a 3 credit course available in Fall 2013.

Email or to register.

WVU Extended Learning

WVU Extended Learning is your doorway to continuing your education wherever you are. You may use your military benefits to pay for online courses. For more information you may visit their website at

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